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Bitzon’s platform uses Blockchain technology to ensure fast settlements with minimal transactional fees.

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Simon Henman Featured in 30 under 30

Simon Henman’s company, Bitzon, began on his 17th birthday. He’d watched YouTube videos about Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency backed by blockchain technology, and told his parents he wanted to buy some for his birthday. They let him. That’s when he knew he wanted to build a blockchain invention of his own.

Cost-Effective Way To Harness Benefits of the E-Commerce

With technological advancement and faster internet speed, companies from all around the world are increasingly shifting their businesses online. While this transformation is eminent, there are many hindrances like large capital investment, manpower, technical proficiency, etc., that hold back SMEs from entering this revolution. 

Bitzon is listing on the StakeSwap platform on the 25th of December. Bitzon is a multi-sided multi-currency e-commerce marketplace platform functioning with cryptocurrencies such as BTZ, BTC, ETH, XRP and fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, USD, JPY and more.

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